Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Flamingos Need Some Lovin’

The animal park had lesser flamingos in residence. I don’t like the name lesser flamingo because it makes them seem like they aren’t as good as the greater flamingo. Who names these things anyway? The only major difference between the two species is that the lesser flamingo has more black on the bill than the greater flamingo.

But anyway, these flamingos hadn’t been having babies for a while, so they decided to move the flamingos and pre-build a few of their nests (which I neglected to take a photo of.) We were moving along on the tram where they are. They don’t stop for no flamingos!

Their nests are built like upturned buckets of sand. Like when you were kids and made those janky sand castles, but really, they weren’t really more than molds of your sand bucket. That’s how their nests look. The reason why they do this is because they usually live in areas where the water is so salty that it would normally burn our skin. So they build these nests above these waters to help keep their babies safe because their babies can’t survive the saltiness.

As of yet, they haven’t had any more babies, but nobody gets excited about bird babies, so even if there were, they wouldn’t announce it.

Really, the only reason why I posted this was to show you this last picture. There’s something about it that I like alot.

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Tags: flamingo, wild animal park

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