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Disney’s Flower Power

I thought I’d split up the wild animal park talk with some Disney talk! Yes, Disney, some of you hate it, some of you love it, but I’ve got an annual pass this year and I’m going to use it.

Every year around March to May, Disney has the Flower and Garden Festival. I’d thought this would be a lot of fun as I’d seen photos of some Disney characters made out of flowers! I thought that it would just be all over the place, but they were rather spread out. I was overall disappointed by it all too, because they were made out of painted moss! They weren’t like alive at all!! Not like the Macy’s day parade floats.

The Prince’s hair is not unlike the wigs the poor actors have to wear

But at least you can tell who everybody is supposed to be.

They also had a butterfly pavilion which had a lot of butterflies that people were trying to get them to land on their fingers.

There were plenty of caterpillars all over the place.

And a bunch of cocoons in these two little huts. While we were there, one of them was coming out of the cocoon.

They had this place called Flower Town, which I had missed the first time we went, so I thought that all the fantastic things were going to be in there. I thought that they’d have some exotic plants to show me. I thought there’d be a huge greenhouse full of bright and beautiful things.

But no. I was totally wrong. There was NOTHING in flower town. NOTHING! When I walked through there, a seminar about irrigation was taking place. You ever want to know how to fix your sprinkler system? Well, you could learn it in flower town! Just pay your $70 for EPCOT entrance and then some more for the seminar. Oh yeah, that seminar must be just the best on your irrigation you’ll ever learn.

I am so glad that I didn’t pay anything extra. Thank goodness for the season pass because I would have thought it was a rip. Don’t go to the flower festival unless you were going to go to EPCOT anyway. There’s no reason to go just for it. Unless you want to pay huge amounts of money to learn about how to take care of your sprinkler system.

Thank goodness I had an annual pass. I would have been way disappointed otherwise.

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