Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Laughing at the Petting Kraal

The Wild Animal Park had a petting kraal, which is their version of a petting zoo, but instead of farm animals, they had deer. They also had a one-eyed goat that I found rather sad, but he was accepting petting and eating happily from a kid’s hand, so I suppose he was ok. But I wonder how he lost that eye. I’d hate to speculate that it was from the petting kraal.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that we went to the Wild Animal Park with one of my bridesmaid’s Jenn and also Chris E. (I miss you guys!)

We had a great time wandering the park together. And they even laughed at my husband’s jokes, which I sort of don’t really laugh at. I just don’t get his humor, I think. But my husband says that I just don’t get funny.

My husband, however, refused to pet the animals. He doesn’t touch anything. He didn’t touch the sting rays when we went to the San Diego Zoo and he didn’t touch the tide pool creatures at the Long Beach aquarium. But he did manage to point at the deer.

J’accused style.

The deer is quivering with fear. Look at it! I think it might die of fright.

No? You disagree? Well, ok. Maybe it’s just masking its fear from you. But I tell you, my husband’s j’accused finger is quite fearsome.

I, of course, will touch anything, so I petted the deer. The fur is rough, much like the giraffe’s fur. Not as rough as a shar-pei’s fur, but not soft like a golden retriever.

But be aware when you are willing to touch everything. The lorikeets peed on my hand. (Here’s the photo Jenn took of us with the lorikeets. At least they didn’t land on my head this time!) And the peepee was warm, by golly!

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