Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Baby Elephants!

Among other babies that we saw were the elephants. They weren’t on the safari ride, but rather their own enclosure. Some of the animals, like the zebras, couldn’t be in the big safari enclosure because they are mean. Or rather, they are so used to having to fight for their resources that they can’t be with other animals. They’ll fight them for the food.

But I am getting sidetracked. At the elephant enclosure, this baby elephant, who was born about a month before, was playing in the water. He was sucking up water into his trunk and splashing it all around.

He eventually got bored with this game and wandered over to play with his new sibling. That newborn did nothing but lay on that ground.

However, momma elephant wasn’t having any of that and hovered over the newborn.

This particular herd came from Swaziland and were at one time a wild herd. The only reason the park has them is because they were going to be culled due to overpopulation.

There’s also an elephant cam! But whenever I look, there’s absolutely nothing going on.

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