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Phantom of the Opera

On Saturday, we went to see Phantom of the Opera! Chris had never seen it, but like many of us, knew a lot of the songs. We were way up in nosebleed seats. I think we were in the fifth to the last row on the right balcony. To say we had an obstructed view is an understatement. We couldn’t see much that was happening at the back of the stage. Like when the Phantom came down the stairs during the masquerade scene. I couldn’t see him initially. But that’s ok. It was still awesome.

Phantom is one of the few musicals where I know all the songs. That and Les Mis and Cabaret. I know, it’s all the favorites from your geeky high school days!

At one point, I thought everybody loved Phantom, but I was wrong.

Eileen hated it. She said that she could have lived without seeing that musical. I said, “Don’t say that so loud!” I thought she was going to get jumped by people around us. Who goes to Phantom and doesn’t like it? She said the sign language people were more interesting than the musical.


I was speechless. It’s Phantom! It’s a classic!

And then she said Grease was much better than this.



The singing is way better in Phantom! And the songs! ugh. There was no convincing her.

It was so good!

Kelly said that this Phantom seemed to be nicer than previous Phantoms that she’s seen. I didn’t notice, personally, but I haven’t seen that many Phantoms. Then again, I’ve always had an affinity for the gargoyles.

Chris said the first act was better than the second act. And that’s mostly because all the good songs were in the first act. The second act only has about two really great songs. And he also said that it was all Christine’s dad’s fault. If she hadn’t told her that he’d send down the Angel of Music when he went to heaven, she wouldn’t be having all these problems!

And then he said something about how it must stink in the sewers where the Phantom lives. And I said, he doesn’t live in the sewers! He lives in like an aquifer. You know, like the people in Dune! They live in caves! And he said, “That explains the buttresses.” Buttresses? I didn’t see any buttresses! But then, my vision is bad.

Next time this show rolls around, I’m splurging for like third row seats. I want to see it close up!

It’ll be playing in Orlando for a couple more weeks and there are still a few seats left, so I definitely suggest that you snatch up those tickets.

Unless you’re Eileen.

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Jan. 26th, 2010 10:42 pm (UTC)
I love Phantom, but part of why I love it is that it is cheesy. I also love Grease, in large part also because of the cheese. But I have to say I don't fine Phantom romantic at all, which gets me glared at by some parties. I'm really glad Mr. Phantom "I'll stalk you and threaten you and kidnap you and kill people and try to kill you and your boyfriend because you don't love me enough" doesn't get the girl in the end. Call me a modern girl, but I think the only redeeming thing he does is step down. Somehow it's all hilarious, though. And the songs are fun. I was disappointed when the movie cut out the recitative, because the singing there is important to the overall operatic feel of the musical. It's fun and funny and clever with amazing sets. Plus fun costumes!
Jan. 27th, 2010 03:07 am (UTC)
I totally agree that the stalker doesn't get the girl in the end. Especially since he murdered people!! I don't find it romantic either. I find it a really sad story. It's a tragedy!
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