Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

1.5 Gallon (last one for the week I promise!)

Next week, however, I make no promises!

This is the 1.5 gallon tank that I’m not sure what to do with. The original plan was to make this the shrimp tank, the 5 gallon the betta tank and the 10 gallon into a honey gourami tank, but obviously that didn’t happen.

What happened was that this tank was (and still is) getting too much light. This also sits on my desk (yes, it’s a really big desk, one day when I clean it, I may take a photo of it for you. You’ll be envious.) Anyhooters…

It sits on my desk next to the window where the sun comes directly into the tank. So the water was a little bit murky (turned out it was because I put in phosphates and iron in at the same time, it wasn’t a bacterial bloom that I thought it was!). So anyway, I threw in some daphnia (they eat bacteria and green water), and the next thing I knew, this tank was swarming with daphnia. And I’ve been having a really hard time growing these suckers to feed to the bumblebee gobies (who love them, also so does the betta). So I was like, well, what now? I mean, the daphnia love it in there. And since there’s daphnia, I couldn’t get a filter for it to suck up any debris. And hair algae is just all over this tank. It’s on everything (though it’s not keeping any of the plants from growing.

I manually go in there periodically and remove the algae from the tank, but it’s like a losing battle. But I’ve put in some CO2 for the tank (which is supposed to help in getting rid of algae, we’ll see). I’m thinking of taping black paper onto the sides to reduce the light. And hopefully it will get clear soon. Or it may just be The Algae Tank! At this point, I’m not caring all that much because the daphnia are growing! Until next week!

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