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5 Gallon: I know you love these posts

This photo is from January 14. Notice there is no algae on the sides!

This is the five gallon that some of you have seen before. If you go to the way back machine, you’ll remember it as this tank.

Look how pristine it is!

I wouldn’t suggest getting this tank because if you look at it funny, it will scratch. But I keep it because it’s the first tank that Chris bought for me, so I don’t care if there are scratches on it. I’m using it! Also, I switched out the filter because that one leaked when it got clogged. Totally no good.

Right now, it’s a shrimp tank. All there is inside is juvenile red cherry shrimp. They eat a ton of algae, so there aren’t any on the plants. Just the stuff stuck to the sides of the tank. Like in this photo, which was taken today.

The shrimp are only about half an inch across. Some grow to be as big as an inch. But since they’re so small still, I don’t want to put them in the tanks with fish yet. They’ll just get eaten and these guys are way more expensive than the feeder ghost shrimp. 12 for a $1 these guys are not. Once they’re bigger, I’ll put them in the fish tank. None of the fishes have mouths big enough to swallow them whole.

Here’s a photo of one on a piece of zuchini.

This tank will most likely remain a shrimp only tank since there may be babies that hatch and I would like some of them to grow to adulthood. The only problem is that the shrimp are really good at hiding and I can usually only see 5 of them out of the 20 that I got.

It’s also a pretty low-tech and cheap tank. It’s just straight up gravel, which you can buy for about $8 (10 lbs for 5 gallon tank). You don’t need any fancy plant growing substrate! I did, however, put in Flourish Root tabs for some fertilizatoin. The filter was about $10-$15 (it’s the Azoo palm filter, but you can get it’s renamed counterpart at Petco as Red Sea Nano filter.).

Clamp-on work light for $7. A GE compact flourescent light bulb (make sure you get the daylight one’s and not the soft white one’s), $4. A regular square 5 gallon glass tank won’t cost you more than $10 or so. And there you have it! A tank that can grow plants for less than $50. You don’t need a stand because it’s so tiny. You can keep it on your bedside table or your work desk (like me!) All you need to buy are plants and fish/shrimp and you’re ready to go! For me, the plants are leftovers. Whatever didn’t fit in the other tanks went in here. I stuck the plants in wherever there was room and it looks just fine to me!

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