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National Zoo

Oh look, llama butt. What a surprise.

The last thing we did in DC (yes, we were there for a few days!), was go to the National Zoo. We didn’t get there until after lunch again. I know! It’s not that we were lazy, but that with four people in the house and one bathroom, that sort of extends your getting ready time by a little bit.

So the National Zoo is free, but the parking costs about $20 and is a total bitch. There are very few spaces to park. So take the train. Since we’d gotten there late and that we knew the zoo closed at 7, we decided to go see only the big ticket items. Namely, the pandas!

Except that none of them were outside.

And one looked dead inside.

But really, he was just sleeping. All they do is eat and sleep. They don’t do much else.

While we were watching one of the pandas eat. He got up and turned around. His tail lifted up a little bit and I said, oh no. It’s gonna dooky. And guess what? He doodied. And you know, people were all surprised. I said it pretty loudly!

And as a side note, World Market sells a product that enables you to re-enact the scene that I saw.

We ended up skipping a lot of the exhibits indoors (like the reptiles). And though we had time left in the zoo to see things, most of the animals had gone into their night-time abodes and we couldn’t see them anyway.

They were all this fat. Who knew you can store up that much fat eating hay!

Also, if you go see the pandas, make sure to go up the trail some more and take a look at this really cute guy.

It’s a red panda! My telephoto lens tends to distort the colors a bit when its extended like that and gets that milky haze. But the red panda had a really great color. This reddish coppery color.

You can see a few more of these photos over at smugmug.

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