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Thanksgiving in DC

For Thanksgiving, Chris and I went up to DC to visit Triple J. Mr. J’s cousin always has a huge feast, and so we were invited to come along. And boy, was it a feast. There were two turkeys, three kinds of stuffing (corn, sausage and something else, all delicious), mashed potatoes, gravy, this egg and spinach thing, fruit salad, a whole lot more. There were easily thirty people there and there were still leftovers. I was stuffed. Actually, I was overly stuffed. I shouldn’t have gotten up for seconds, but it was just so damned good.

We had brought chocolate cake to the party. Triple J had brought two types of ice cream (vanilla and peppermint. Mr. J thought it would be festive. I don’t think anybody ate it!) So right after eating too much, Mr. J goes off and gets chocolate cake and ice cream. Everybody was planning to wait just a little bit before eating dessert. I mean, I wasn’t the only one who went back for seconds. But the moment that people saw Mr. J bring out his plate of dessert, everybody wanted dessert, swollen stomachs be damned!

Besides the chocolate cake and ice cream, there was blueberry pie and strawberry pie. I think there was one more pie, but you know, I was in an overstuffed food fugue and I don’t remember much after that.

Any Thanksgiving dinner after that would just pale in comparison. And I totally don’t know what I’ll do next year. Maybe I should learn how to cook better!

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