Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Today is Chris’ birthday. He is 1 million years old. No. Really. He looks good for his age.

I took him to Animal Kingdom where he remarked about how he missed the dinosaurs. How he used to see them on the plains of Pangea. Luckily, there was Dinoland where he could see the replicas.

And for dinner, we went to Columbia’s, where we got the Brazo Gitano (pronounced with and H for the G). They light it on fire, which is how you get that lovely char on the meringue.

By the time we were all done, he said he was pooped. And so was I, even though I wasn’t as old as him. Actually, I’m older than him.

But we’re home now wearing our PJs and watching Stargate Universe, which Chris is enjoying. Until tomorrow!!

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Tags: birthday, chris, nablopomo

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