Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Defacing Your Moleskine

I know a couple of you out there use Moleskine notebooks. I bought a bunch of them when you could only get them in boutique stores for $20, but I got mine for $10! (because I bought them in bulk from an art store). This was before it all blew up and became so popular. This was way back when Modo & Modo were the only people making these and they only made 2 models, the black ones in the original 2 sizes. Now there are ton of them and a ton of knockoffs.

I never did anything with the covers of my moleskines because I like the clean look of the black cover. I recently bought a knockoff from Borders (it’s the Picadilly version) for $5. I wanted to see if there was a huge visible difference. (So far, there isn’t.) But the Picadilly version had a big old gash in it where the rubber band kept it closed. I’ve never had that with my Moleskine one’s, but then I bought mine before B&N got a contract with them and they found cheaper manufacturers. So I don’t know if the quality is still good or what. But I’m totally going on a tangent here.

The gash bothered me enough to the point where I slapped on a Hello Kitty sticker just to hide it. And it doesn’t look half bad. I thought about doing the same to my Moleskine, but I haven’t done it yet. I still like how sleek it looks without any markings on it. It’s more mysterious, you know?

So I was wondering how many of you guys deface, I mean, decorate your Moleskines? I know people in the community do. You can see them all over the web. But i was wondering what you do with it?

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