Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Too Faced Lash Layering Kit

Sephora was giving away the Too Faced Lash Layering Kit for free. They were the little travel sized ones, but hey, they’re free and I’m currently obsessed with eyelashes right now, so I went to pick them up.

So the lash layering kit has two mascaras. The pinpoint one is supposed to give you long stiletto-like lashes. The other one is to give you volume. Using just these two together didn’t really do much. My lashes were darker and that’s pretty much it. They also clump easily.

I tried with with Shiseido’s lash primer and it looked a lot better after that. But then any mascara looks better after I put on the primer. I look like I actually have eyelashes. But then with the primer, you could definitely see clumping and a spider leg effect. I don’t understand why they call it spider legs because it doesn’t look like spider legs to me. It reminded more of an old pipe cleaner that’s been used and abused. You know those pipe cleaner things that we used to use in elementary school to make artsy fartsy stuff? Stuff that’s used for cleaning a smoking pipe? That’s what it looked like, except stepped on, stuck down the drain, wrung out and dried out again.

I definitely wouldn’t spend any money on this. I’m still searching for a better mascara. Shiseido used to have a voluminous mascara, but they’ve discontinued it and their new product isn’t as good. My mom has a ton of sample mascaras from buying all sorts of stuff from Clinique and Estee Lauder when they were giving away free gifts. She doesn’t use mascara, so she gave me all of them. But none of them are good either.

Do you have a favorite mascara? How about your favorite, can’t live without cosmetic item?

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