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Pentel Slicci .4mm

This is another set of pens that I bought from Jstationery. I know, I have a lot of pens. I don’t know why I keep buying them. I like trying out new pens. Is this a disease?

I’ve heard a lot of great things about this pen and how well it writes, so I thought that I’d try it out. I agree with everyone that this writes really well, is totally smooth, doesn’t skip and the colors are awesome as well. I think this came out as the direct competitor of Pilot’s Hi-Tec C that I talked about yesterday because this line also comes in a bajillion colors. (However, in the U.S. only a limited color set is available and only in .25mm. And in the U.S. they are marketed as Art Pens, but I wouldn’t use these for art. I wouldn’t use anything that wasn’t light-safe for art.) These also come in .25mm, .3mm, .4mm and .7mm nibs. I like the Pentel’s a little bit better because they are more waterproof.

The only thing I don’t like, and so do many other people, is that the barrel is a little bit thin. You don’t really notice it at first, but after a few minutes, you realize that there’s something a little off. It’s not that much thinner than any other pen, but it’s thin enough to make it too hard to write for very long.

I tried putting on those little pencil grips to help you write, but then it ends up being too fat. Other people have tried putting the ink in other pens and they’ve had really great success with that. But I’m not going to buy another set of pens so that I could use this set. These pens aren’t that great. But if you have left-over pens that have dried ink or are out of ink, then it’s worth the effort.

Overall, I really like these pens, but I wouldn’t suggest it to other people simply because the barrel is too thin.

Until tomorrow!

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