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Bath Worthy Pens

I recently found a box of office stuff that I originally thought i’d lost in the cross-country move.

It contained several notebooks along with a huge stash of pens. And I know that some of you are always on the lookout for waterproof or water-resistant pens. So I grabbed a bunch of them and did a test for you. Here are the pens (which are well over three years old at this point.)

this sheet was soaked in water for about two minutes

Zebra Sarasa. These are relatively cheap and come in different colors. I wouldn’t suggest it only because some of the ink skipped for me and most of them had dried out already.

Uniball Signo EX2, Uniball Signo 207, Univall Vision Elite. These are my favorite pens. They are waterproof and bleach proof and they write smoothly without skipping. I’ve also taken these on planes and haven’t had a problem. But I think the new pens we get these days shouldn’t have a problem anyway. I use these also to write the infrequent check with. I highly recommend these. They have yet to disappoint me.
Zig Millenium. These guys usually make pens used for scrapbookong. I liked this one well enough, but as with all felt tip pens, they start to lose their shape for me because I sort of write a little hard. I abuse my pens pretty badly, so I need a metal nib.
Pigma Sakura Micron. This set of pens are for artists. Once upon a time I fancied myself an artist, so I have a lot of artsy stuff. I wouldn’t suggest this line because it’s a felt tip. It does come in a huge variety of colors and different sized nibs.
Noodler’s Ink Russian. This was one of my favorite colors. But what I found was that the ink totally dried up too quickly for me. Even if I did use it every day, the ink still clogged up my pen.
Koh-i-noor Nexus Art Pens. This is also another set of art pens, but I do not recommend these at all. The first pack that I bought had a couple of dried up colors in it, so I had to exchange it for other colors. After all this time, some of them were dried up while other times it was totally leaky. They say that this pen can write forever, but that is clearly not the case.
Prismacolor Premier fine line. This is another set of artist’s pens and they are felt tip again. I also found the tip a little bit mushier than usual.

Red Dry

This is all the red one’s I have. Noodler’s red isn’t waterproof and the Koh-i-noor one was all dried up

Wet Red

This is after having water poured over it.

Back of wet red

This is the back of the wet sheet. I don’t write on the back of my pages, so this doesn’t bother me

And that concludes then pen evaulation for today. Do you have a favorite pen? Is it waterproof? Why do you like it?

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