Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Starship Superfans

This is Mickey Thomas. The band is officially called Starship featuring Mickey Thomas

When the members of Starship got onstage, the crowd just absolutely went crazy. I thought that I was at a Hannah Montana concert, except that the audience was five times older.

If you asked them if it was a great concert, they would tell you it was the best thing ever. I’m sure that I would have agreed had I had six glasses of wine. It is called the Food and Wine Festival after all.

We were sitting in the second row. There was a man sitting with his family in front of us. He was about fifty or so. His kids were about ten. His wife was there with another woman that could have been a friend or a sister.

When Mickey Thomas shook his hand during the middle of the song, this man turned to his wife and friend and received a fist pound from both of them.

Seriously?! When did this become acceptable for middle aged white parents?

I wasn’t as similarly impressed, however. The lead singer was downright lethargic. I expected him to entertain me, but he just loped around on stage like he didn’t even want to be there. He sang the songs as though he had to and that he’d much rather be singing his own songs.

And when he did sing his solo song, nobody knew it. Even his drunken superfans weren’t on their feet dancing and singing along. They like Starship and it’s various incarnations. They weren’t interested in Mickey Thomas.

As an aside, the band’s name is now officially “Starship starring Mickey Thomas”.

They sang “We Built This City” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” like they’d smoked a huge stash of the stink weed. And though the female singer was good, nothing tops the original singer for “White Rabbit”. I felt like I was listening to a cover band.

E was severly disappointed because she wanted to hear one song. And instead of that one song, they sang some song from Mickey Thomas’ solo album. You knew nobody cared for it because it was not only deathly quiet and the superfans were chugging their wines.

The audience was much more entertaining than the band, including the white guy who couldn’t dance.

I’d say save your money, so not worth the gas to get there.

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