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Righting a Past Wrong: Richard Marx

I took this with my point and shoot. Who says a DSLR is needed for good photos? Patience is KEY! Too bad microphone stand was in my way. Would have been a perfect picture otherwise!

On September 29th, E was on a mission. Way back in 1987, she was denied the opportunity to see Richard Marx. A series of unfortunate events occurred and her then thirteen year old self was not allow to attend his concert.

Twenty-two years later, she was going to right that wrong. Richard Marx was playing at the Epcot “Eat to the Beat”, a free concert series that happens during the Food and Wine Festival. She was determined to go. It didn’t matter if she had to stand in a long line, it didn’t matter that it was crowded. It didn’t matter if anyone was going with her. She was on a mission and nothing would deter her from it!

Since I had a season ticket, I said I’d go. I didn’t really know who he was. I was eleven back in 1987. I can’t really remember what I was into. Fifth grade was so long ago! And I don’t really remember the 80’s. I don’t know what’s up with that.

So we went and we managed to catch the last showing at 7:45 p.m. We got in line early, pretty much right after the first show ended at 6:45. And by the time the show started, it was packed. Absolutely packed.

He sang one new song at the beginning and then continued to play all his hits. E knew all of them, sang along. Women who sat behind us screamed that they loved him. After all these years, he still had devoted fans. And when he asked the audience to sing along, the whole crowd new all the words (except for me, but I did recognize some of the songs.)

And E finally got to see Richard Marx sing.

More photos at smugmug.

Eat to the Beat performers for 2009

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