Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Scream after Lunch

After lunch, we decided to do the Tower of Terror. It’s a ride that takes you up several stories, then drops you an undefined number of stories and does it over again. The ride used to do one drop, but people felt that it was really boring, so they remade it to do the drop several times before you’re done.

I put the seatbelt on, but not tight enough because my butt lifted up from the seat about three inches. I was totally freaked that first drop thinking that I’d fly off the chair.

When we were done, I thought I was going to hurl. Don’t do that ride right after a meal. It jiggles everything inside.

I needed a break before doing the rockin roller coaster. We did that by meeting up with friends and doing the Toy Story ride.

The Rockin Roller coaster is a ride based with Aerosmith music. The premise is that you’re in a limo on your way to a concert. The ride is indoors and in the dark!

When you’re on this ride, make sure to keep your head pressed up against the headrest. That first drop is fast and steep and really the only frightening part of the ride.

I did not see that first drop coming and I screamed like a little girl. A teeny tiny little girl. I was embarrassed.

E laughed at all the photos of me. I wasn’t willing to pay $20 for them, so here is a my re-enactment for your pleasure.

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Tags: disney, rock n roll roller coaster, tower of terror

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