Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Disney Shoot’em Ups

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Toy Story ride is one of those shooting game/ride things. Their gun is a canon with the same type of trajectory. There’s a string in the back where you pull it to shoot.

The ride takes you to several digital screens. The first screen teaches you how to shoot and then you’re off! You compete with the person sitting next to you. For me, it was, of course, Chris.

Unfortunately for us, one of the screens was broken. None of our targets ever popped out! I felt cheated. If the line wasn’t and hour long, I would have gotten right back into the line!

I wasn’t too much in favor with the screens. I liked having to find the targets.

Magic Kingdom has a Buzz Lightyear ride which is also another shooting ride. This one, you shoot targets all over the place and you can turn your ride 360 degrees with a joystick. The problem is that your gun shoots at a glacial pace. I could have pulled the trigger ten times before the thing would shoot again.

If the two rides were combined, it would be much better. Allow me to shoot as many times as I want and have targets I have to find.

Chris beats me every time though. I’m a spray and prayer even in these games. But I’m still better than the people around us!

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