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Doing Disney

Oh yes, all the Halloween stuff was already out!

On Saturday, we went to Disney with E. She had managed to get complimentary park hopper tickets, so we figured we’d get a full day or as much as we could . Let’s be honest here, I was not going to be any good if we arrived at 9 am. I would have had to have left the house at 8, which meant waking up at 6:30 because we were picking up E. So we were being realistic and got to MGM by about 10:30.

E had a season pass, so she went through, then Chris went through and I was denied. Apparantly, someone had already used my ticket several weeks earlier. So I had to buy a ticket.

Now a Florida Resident ticket is $79. Add a park hopper and that was $29. So already, it was $108. A limited season pass was $245 (there’s a 3 month bonus, which meant that it was a fifteen month pass with blackout dates.). And we were planning on going to the food and wine festival at Epcot. And this ticket spans the 2 Food and Wine Festivals which equal to $158. You see were I’m going?

I now have a season pass to Disney. I can’t go during these dates: December 19, 2009 – January 1, 2010, March 17, 2010-April 9,2010, June 12,2010-August 19,2010 (which is way to hot anyway), and December 18, 2010-January 1, 2011, which is fine. Florida summers are hellacious and Christmas stuff pretty much goes up right after Thanksgiving. And now E has a new Disney buddy. Trust me, I will be getting my money’s worth on this ticket!

So we went to Hollywood Studios first because it closed earlier (6pm) and Magic Kingdom closed at 10pm. We went straight to get a fast pass for Toy Story. This is one thing that you must do if you don’t want to wait at any rides. At 11, the next open fast pass for Toy Story was 3pm. The line all day for that ride was at least forty minutes.

We hit the new American Idol show which was seating right as we were arriving. It had some judges from the industry, 2 of which looked familiar, but I couldn’t tell you where from. The first two contestants were ok, but not great and they had done the show before. Seems like people REALLY want to get onto The Real American Idol. If you win the final show at the end of the evening, you get a real ticket to a real audition. People are desperate.

The third girl was good and we voted for her. It’s not a must see show, but the AC was fantastic!

We hit the Muppett 3D movie, which was one of the better 3D things and it reminded me of a lot of my childhood, but completely skippable. But the AC worked really well.

Then we hit Little Mermaid. If you’ve ever wanted a condensed version of this movie, this is the movie for you. It has all the key songs and all the key scenes. 17 minutes and you’re done. Ignore the prince’s bad hair piece though. Worst wig I have ever seen.

Also, AC was devine.

Then lunch at the Brown Dirby. Skip it. Not worth the price.

By this time, it was about 2pm and the heat of the day was dissapating.

That’s when you go and stand in line and get onto the rides. If there’s two of you and you don’t care about sitting together, some of the rides have single rider lines. Go in those and your waiting time will be reduced by about half. We got on in ten minutes while groups were taking about half an hour.

I have other things to tell you about Disney, but I think this entry is long enough. I will split them up into more bite-sized sections. Have a good week!

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