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Shoe Madness

Ever since I started dating Chris, I have been on the search for taller and taller shoes. It all started with a pair of very tall platform Sketchers that I no longer have. They were platform sandals that had pewter sparkling dangling things that I absolutely loved. The only problem was that they fell apart. I mean, I did have those for two years. I kept returning to Sketchers to find replacements, but none of them fit the bill. I didn’t and still don’t need platform athletic sandals, thanks.

And then last year, I bought these shoes while in Vegas from the Walking Company. They were made by Sofft, about 3.5 inches tall with about an inch of platform so that they don’t feel too tall.

Why yes, I did paint my toenails for you

The problem with them is that I wore them pretty much every day since I bought them and the heels are pretty worn. If I could find a place to resole the heel, I’d be able to keep them. The toe area is just fine, so they’re not totally lost! But the heel was worn and well, it’d be down to a nub soon enough.

Unfortunately for me, I looked for them a few months too late. Just because Orlando feels like summer all year long, doesn’t mean manufacturers keep making sandals all year long. All the really cute sandals had already come and gone and I couldn’t find any of the Sofft sandals in the stores. And when I could find them online, they weren’t in my size. I wear a 7M. Zappos had 7.5 and 6.5.

But, QVC had a pair, so I went ahead and bought them. And they look like this.

Whoa, this photo makes my feet look huge

These are about 3.75 inches tall. I know they look tall to you, but they’re not nearly as tall as my date night shoes.

These are on sale right now!

Which are 5 inches tall. And yes, that would make me 5′9″. The females on Chris’ side of the family range from 5′9″ to 5′11″. They all mostly wear flats. If they wear heels, it’s only about 1 inch or so. A negligible height. But when I wear these, I am on par with them. I don’t look so much like a midget.

I have a special name for them, but Chris says it’s inappropriate. Suffice it to say, it rhymes with Suck Sea. You figure it out.

Both of these are Aldo shoes. Despite the height, I can pretty much walk around for hours on these shoes. I find that Aldo and Sofft make great shoes for my feet. And I would suggest Sofft to anyone who’s on their feet for several hours out of the day. They are super comfortable, but not cheap. You shouldn’t cheap out on shoes if you can afford them. You need them for the rest of your life unlike, say, your pinky finger.

And no, I don’t have a shoe fetish! Not any more than any other woman, anyway.

Have a good week!


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