Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

My New Lens: More New England Aquarium

I knew that I was going to the aquarium and having had problems with some of the dimly lit exhibits at other aquariums, I did some research online. I have a Nikon D70 and there were two 50mm Nikon lenses that could fit the bill. There was a $300 one that opened up to 1.4 and a $100 that opened up to 1.8. I read a bunch of reviews comparing the two and the gist of it was that the 1.8 was good enough for government work. So I took that and was able to get these photos.

In previous sessions, this photo would have been super blurry.

I would have never gotten this photo with my other lenses.

I did have to jack up the ISO to 1600 and that’s why the photo is a little bit grainy, but I can’t tell at all, so whatever. I’m sure if I got the 1.4, I would have gotten less grainy photo with a lower ISO, but I would also be out $200.

Granted, I took about 50 photos for every good one that came out. It’s a fixed focus lens, which means you can’t make it zoom. You have to wait for the animals to come into focus.

So if you have a Nikon camera that can use the 1.8 lens, I highly suggest it! It made these photos possible.

The rest of the New England Aquarium photos.

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