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New England Aquarium

I love the color of this anemone. Remember not to stick your finger in the middle.

We were able to take the train to the aquarium. Make sure that you have your credit cards with you because you’ll need it to buy train tickets.

This fish is not dead. It’s supposed to look this way.  Do you think it’s a baby halibut?  Is it’s eye migrating?!

The aquarium has a very interesting setup. The center is a huge tank that has a spiral walkway that you walk up. (We did it backwards though. We walked down.). The outer spiral had all the small enclosures making it seem like the aquarium was one giant tower.

A little help here? No? You’re just going to let me lay here aren’t you? Why do you hate me, Bill? What have I ever done to you?

Like any good aquarium, there is always the obligatory penguins.

I used my macro lens to get this

Also, because we went to the Duck Tour, we were able to use these coupons that they gave us. We got two dollars off admission each ticket. You could also get a discount if you had a Charlie Card, which is the train card.

You look tasty

This wasn’t the biggest aquarium or the flashiest, but I have to say, I enjoyed this one quite a lot. I got a lot of good photos. It’s a good place to take the kids because there are little steps at the front of the exhibits for the kids to step on and look.

You better not sleep or I’ll eat you.

Plus, they have the creepiest looking octopus.

The only thing I regretted was not making sure my second battery was fully charged. Because I ran out as we were getting to the jelly fish exhibit. And I love jelly fish. I managed to get a few good ones. *sighs* Maybe at another aquarium.

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