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For brunch on Sunday, we went to Sonsie’s, which is also on Newbery. I didn’t make these reservations, so I didn’t know anything about these restaurants. I looked at the restaurant after the fact so I could link it here. Had I seen the comments on their website, I would have definitely not gone there at all.

The quotes from magazines were all about how it was the place to be seen and the photos were full of young trendy people having a great time. The last thing I care about is being seen by strangers. They don’t care and I don’t care. I don’t understand this whole being seen thing. I don’t see what it gains me.

But that quote would explain why the hostess was dressed like she was going clubbing at ten in the morning. Her teeny tiny buttcheeks peaked out the hem of her dress with each step that she took on her four inch heels. Her scowl of disdain was permanently etched onto her face. She was incapable if smiling because those muscles have atrophied.

She didn’t want to seat us at first because our whole party wasn’t there. A few of our members had decided to go shopping instead of wait for our table, which we were ten minutes early for. I was hungry. I didn’t know when they would be back since Newbery was a street full of clothing shops. So I said that I wanted to be seated now, which earned me an eye roll. I wonder if she smiled after sex.

Probably not.

She sat us in the back, which was probably some sort of diss except that it was nice and quiet back there. I much prefered it there than having waiters swishing back and forth behind me. Chris’ family is so tall that more than one tray of food has either grazed their heads or fully been conked in the head leaving them covered with food. And these waiters were not tall enough to lift the overly heavy trays over their heads.

Having finally being seated, I ate the best scones in my life. It was filled with raspberries and covered in a layer of sugary frosty goodness.

Now I fully admit that it could have been that I was hungry. I remember once declaring how good Cheetos were after eating half a bag. I fully admit that hunger had something to do with how good they were.

I also ordered a mimosa, so that could have tainted my thoughts on the steak and eggs that I had. I found them also equally delicious. And that was more than enough food for me. (It also came with potatoes.).

The restaurant is known for serving sophisticated comfort food. I’m not a big fan of that. Just because you put truffle oil and saffron into my mac n cheese, it doesn’t make that sophisticated. But surprisngly, there was none of that nonsense in my steak and eggs.

The food wasn’t horribly priced. For five of us, it was about $150 before tip and that was with mimosas. It’s a decent enough place for brunch. I’m hesitant to suggest it because of all the super trendy people there. But if anything, you’ve got to try those scones. I’m convinced that it wasn’t because I was hungry.

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