Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Duck Tour

We got up hellaciously early to do a Duck Tour. They were totally out of tickets by the time we went to buy some. All the good times were sold out. So we were stuck with this butt-crack of dawn one.

This one left right in front of our hotel, so all we had to do was cross the street. The only problem was that it was cold and raining! But we went nonetheless.

The tour guides were all dressed up in interesting outfits. This guy was some sort of guru, but can’t remember which one. It was too early. It was supposed to be funny. I don’t remember laughing.

Our tour was also full of either middle school or high school students. They were on some sort of field trip from Sacramento, which was such a coincidence. I used to live in Sacramento, you know. I’m sure there was some sort of serendipity or sign or something, but it was too early to think about all that.

And did I mention? The kids had too much energy so early in the morning. I think they all drank six cups of coffee.

I wanted to take Chris on the Duck Tour because I knew he would like going into the water. After we got the tickets, his Mom said that he’d already been on a Duck Tour. I asked Chris and he said he didn’t remember. It was like when he was six and what he did remember was that the water they did go into was like a small stream that any car would have driven over. He didn’t actually expect us to go into the Charles River. I think he quite enjoyed the ride.

What did the tour guide talk about? Something about how old Beacon Street was, how there were a ton of Dunkin’ Donuts. Something about some movie. It was too early to remember. Quite honestly, I wasn’t paying attention. Sshhh, don’t tell anybody!

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