Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Flowers in Commons

We were in Boston at a good time for the tulips. They had just recently bloomed and the day was overcast, so the flowers had a vibrant color to them. They weren’t washed out by the glare of the sun.

One funny thing about the gardens was that you weren’t allowed on the lawn. There were signs everywhere saying to keep off. Now, I don’t know about you, but isn’t part of the fun of going to central park being able to sit on the lawn and have a nice picnic? Guess they don’t believe the same thing here.

But then, I could understand why they didn’t want anybody on the lawns. There wouldn’t be any grass with the massive amounts of people there.

There were a bunch of street performers. One of them was rude and mean. He played the guitar and a kazoo. He looked like a serial killer.

This is my favorite photo of the tulips.

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Tags: boston, flowers, garden

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