Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Stephanie’s on Newberry

Stephanie’s on Newberry is a self-important overpriced restaurant that I would never go back to again. At first glance, they look to be a lovely restaurant with outdoor seating. It’s situated in the middle of Newberry where you can people watch. Or at least that’s the theory. In actuality, they will rush you the hell out of there as quicky as possible.

We made a reservation for outdoor seating, which was not available. We waited twenty minutes for our seats. The one that we did get was on a slant. It wouldn’t be noticeable except that your drink glasses had a tendency to want to walk off the table on it’s own. When it eventually happened and no one was fast enough the to catch it, the glass took a header off the edge, the staff looked at us in a disgusted fashion. No new water glass was offered nor any napkins to clean up with.

I was jammed up against the wall. We couldn’t push it out further because of fire regulations.

The food was subpar. They claim to serve “sophisticated comfort food”, but just because you throw truffle oil and saffron on a piece of poop, it does not make it divine. If I order a $20 meatloaf, I expect it to be mouthwateringly good. It tasted like an ashtray with puke as dressing. And the aftertaste of puke lingered long after the dinner was over.

Chris ordered the T-bone that came out hard as a rock and overcooked, the second one came out all grisly and chewy (no amount of chewing would soften it enough to swallow), and the third one came out completely raw. Chris finally ordered a half-chicken which was just as dry as chalk.

They then offered to give us free dessert except that we couldn’t pick. We were going to order chocolate cake and a few other things, but they gave us the cheapest thing on the menu. We ended up ordering the dessert we wanted anyway, which we paid for. The dessert they offered was left half eaten.

There were four of us at nearly $30 a plate, plus appetizer, wine and several desserts, this check was more than $200 and yet we were treated as though we were tabacco chewing hicks.

They kept asking us if we were done at each portion of the meal when clearly only half the food had been consumed. I have never felt like I needed to gobble down my food. Never at any other restaurant.

There are plent of other restaurants with outdoor dining on Newberry that you could get a better experience at a cheaper restaurant.

I’d say save your money and go elsewhere.

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