Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Boston Commons Squirrels

There’s a section in Boston Commons that has a ton of squirrels. Two people were feeding them peanuts, which allowed me to take some of these awesome photos.

The squirrels wouldn’t actually take the peanuts out of their hands, but they got within about two feet or so. The woman threw a peanut and bonked one in the head on accident. The squirrel didn’t even flinch. It just picked up the peanut and started chewing.

I once read that squirrels didn’t have much of a memory. They forget where they’ve buried their nuts five seconds after they’ve buried it. They do have a great sense of smell though, and so they sniff out the nuts they would need for winter. Whether it’s a nut that they buried or another squirrel buried, they have no idea. I guess it’s a good thing since nobody would know that their stuff was stolen.

I got lucky with this photo. Two squirrels were squabbling in the tree and then one of them popped into the hole. It poked its head out once, I caught this photo and it did not come out no more!

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