Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Atlantic Fish

Because of my work schedule, I couldn’t get to Boston until after 8, but we went to dinner anyway. Chris’ dad had made reservations to Atlantic Fish, which is a restaurant near the hotel on Boylston Street. We had a nice stroll down there for dinner.

Since I was in Boston, I was determined to have clam chowder. I love clam chowder, but I don’t usually get it because it’s a creamy soup. And it came in a bread bowl, so I couldn’t resist. It was so good that I slurped it up like a giant cup of red Icee. Even though it wasn’t a dinner portion of soup, I was quite satisfied with my meal. I highly recommend.

Chris got the fish and chips, which he normally loves, but found it a little lacking. The fish part of that meal is usually a large piece of fish that they batter and deep fry. But the one at Atlantic Fish are little pieces that ate battered and fried. The problem with this is that it ends up being more batter than fish. Chris was highly unimpressed.

For dessert, we got the peanut butter ice cream pie because the waitress said that it was delicious. She lied. It was vanilla ice cream with broken pieces of Reese’s peanut butter cups. I can get that at Dairy Queen for half the price.

I would definitely go back and get the clam chowder again. They say it’s won awards, but I really don’t care about that. It was super yummy. Quite definitely the best that I’d ever had.

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