Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Laguna Beach

Way back in April, I had to go to Laguna Beach for work. (Don’t ask me about March, apparently I did nothing interesting.)

We got there a few days early so we could see the town. We stayed at the Surf and Sand Resort. It was a lovely place right on the beach. My room had huge sliding doors that opened out to the ocean.

The view from my room

I had splurged on room service for breakfast. They brought in tablecloth and fresh flowers to put on our table. You could choose to have it on the balcony, but we were lazy. I was still in my jammies. So we had it set up inside and opened the big sliding doors.

While I was there, we saw dolphins and whales right from the hotel pool.

The surf was so loud that the hotel supplied earplugs. I tried to sleep without them, but gave up and put them in.

The only problem is that there is absolutely nothing to do in that town. You can either shop at really expensive boutiques or go to the beach. But it was freezing when we were there, so there was no hanging out on the beach.

Laguna is supposed to be an artist community, but we didn’t see art galleries or studios. I think we were just staying on the far side of town though. It looks like downtown was interesting, but it all closed down before when we went down there for dinner.

I’m not sure that I’d go back to that particular town on my own. I didn’t find it interesting enough to want to spend that kind of money. I think I’d rather go elsewhere in Southern California.

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